Partner Opportunities & API

If you run a website where you bring two clients together to transact or hold a deposit, then Transpact may be the ideal solution to enhance your business.

The many websites that use to enhance their customers' trust and thereby greatly boost their sales include, ScarletMist and provides a very easy-to-integrate API, with which you can incorporate the full power of escrow into your website within an afternoon - it really is that easy.
And at no cost to you - entirely free.
So online marketplaces and web-platforms can switch on full escrow services at no cost, overnight, on demand.

By getting your customers to pay via Transpact, your customers will know that they are safe, buyers know they will only have to pay out if they get the service or goods they were promised, and sellers can be sure that they will be paid 100% with certainty. Our service may facilitate a whole new tranche of business for your business.

Most importantly, the Transpact process captures your own fees and commissions transparently, and without cost to you - saving you embarrassing invoice and debt collection, or high transaction fees to collect your commissions and fees. So your revenue will automatically increase by 2% or more as you ditch payment collection fees.
And with's escrow, there is no possibility of chargebacks ! So your losses to fraud and payment processors will be reduced to zero.
We provide an automated secure encrypted web service for our partner websites, so that they can generate Transpacts automatically between their clients. Just like a standard Transpact, which is generated by one of the Transpact parties, emails get sent to both participants detailing the proposed terms. These emails can be tailored and styled to your specification, and the Transpact process continues normally from there.

You can specify whether the conditions on the Transpact are negotiable between the parties (as per a standard Transpact) or are fixed. You can also specify that a certain tranche of the money paid into Transpact is your fee, and will be irrevocably removed and paid to you automatically either on receipt of the money at Transpact, or on payment of the money out of Transpact to one of the parties.

By automating and securing the payment process between your clients, a new vista of opportunity awaits you.

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